tearfullmom (tearfullmom) wrote in jobless,

looking for job !

hi .. well i am looking for a job on the net that i can do from home i've tried every thing .. i worked as a travel agent before and i was a very good one and i have many certificates but no use i tried to work as a graphic designer " i know all the programs and i have a good talent .. didn't work either .. i tried to work as a web designer .. ... NA .. learned all the basic programs and tried to look for a job as a virtual assistant .. NA .. lately i learned how to do 3d photo montage .. also didn't work .. the sad thing is that i am a really good hard worker self motivated person and whom ever worked with me loved what i do ..i even usually give more than what people are expecting from me ... i am a fast learner and i can learn any kind of job so quickly .. but no one is willing to give me a shot!!!! i've been looking for the last 2 years now .. .and couldn't make a penny! .. what am i doing wrong .. !!!!
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