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Okay, here's the thing:

I haven't had a ton of work experience in the past (3 different jobs in the past 2 years, one retail, one resturant, and one as a hotel clerk)... for the past 6 months I've been unemployed and it's killing me because the longer this is put on hold, the longer my future plans are put on hold. I was never really taught how to get a job, the only advice I've ever had was to 'bug them until they pay attention' and that has worked for me to a certain extent, but obviously I'm still out of work right now. I've come really close to getting a job at a video store but they made me do this test (5 pages of math problems, about 20 on each and 2 mins each to do them in) and I got a call back and the manager said I missed the test by 3 questions, so I didn't get the job. I'm so frustrated... I hate job searching but I force myself to put on a happy face and go out and look once a week. Math is not my strongest subject but I'm a good worker, I do as I'm told, I don't do drugs and I show up on time (well, actually EARLY, I've never been late)....what should I do? Please give me some tips.... I could really use them.

Thanks guys. :)
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